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A Few Reviews

House Keeping…..

Housekeeping is a book one may pick up quite by accident, and after reading a few lines may consider it yet another boring novel.It is, however, like stepping into the ocean with your eyes closed.  You feel a thin layer of water barely reaching up to your ankles.  Then the waves begin and you realize you are to receive more than you have bargained for.  …………

Exposing the Genius of Balzac ….

Honore de Balzac is artful, detailed and opinionated when it comes to describing place.  He gives us a great sense of a Paris neighborhood where the story unfolds.  Floors, walls, and decorations are described in such a way that they evoke a sensation of revulsion in the reader.  Characters in ……..

Elements of Fiction in Elizabeth Bishop’s Poems

Before discussing the seemingly simple, but actually ingenious, sophisticated and thought-provoking poems of Elizabeth Bishop, that I do believe contain elements of fiction, I must admit that I am not a poet, although I do translate poems occasionally.  Yet, at every difficult juncture in my life, I find myself turning ……..

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The Yellow wallpaper

I have read this short story multiple times, and it never seizes to amaze and inspire me.  The author does not quite disclose the plot.  In a way, this short story is similar to Elliot Perlman’s Seven Types of Ambiguity because it raises more questions than it answers.

Question marks keep appearing before ….

Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams

In this short novel, Denis Johnson weaves a mixture of Native American folklore, superstition and magic realism into a fascinating tale that is enriched with lyricism.  He depicts the natural beauty of the Midwest in a way only a poet can, describing the life of day …………

Thomas Hardy’s Controversial

and Uncommon Characters

There is nothing ordinary, at least by Victorian standards, about Thomas Hardy’s characters.  His novel titled, “The Return of the Native” would undoubtedly meet the criteria he himself sets, that ‘a story must be exceptional …….  

Guests of the Nation

A Thought-Provoking Short Story

This short story by Frank O’Connor contains a twist that transforms it from an ordinary chatting of a bunch of men over a game of cards to an extra-ordinary tale that questions the logic of war and confrontation between ……….

A Boy Daydreams in Araby

James Joyce’s short story takes the reader on a roller coaster ride of childhood emotions that range from first crush to the nightmare of finding oneself in an unfamiliar place as all doors are closing.  

The narrator finds himself in an Arabian bazaar as the lights are turning off and the shops are padlocked.  He …….